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Embedded Computering Technology

ETX & PC104

Proven, widely established long life standard for X86 based computer modules using the ISA bus.

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Qseven & SMARC

Ultra-compact, legacy-free multi-platform-standard for mobile and ultra-mobile applications with unique thermal interface optimized for fanless cooling.

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COM Express Modules

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COM Express® defines standardized form factors and pin-outs for Computer-on-Modules. The standard includes the mini form factor (84 x 55mm), the compact form factor (95 x 95mm) and the basic form factor (125 x 95mm).


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The Versatile Performance Switching (VPX) standard, also known as VITA 46, defines Eurocard form factor systems supporting switched fabrics over a new high speed connector.


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Comprehensive operating systems support[Linux, Windows, VxWorks, QNX, Yocoto]